Viesel Fuel Used Vegetable Oil Recycling Service Collection

Our Viesel Biodiesel is made from used frying or used cooking oil. We currently collect this from hundreds of businesses across Florida. We would love to discuss creating an alliance with you that benefits you and the environment.

No matter your location, we have the resources and network established to handle any volume of oil from 55 gallons to 500,000 plus gallons. We have collection routes and storage areas located in strategic points internationally, so do not worry about location. We come to you. Our mission is one of dedication and passion, and we want your used cooking oil.

Scheduled routine pick-up:
Our scheduling system ensures your container is emptied on-time. Pick-up schedules depend on oil usage.

On-call services:
If your container reaches capacity in advance of your scheduled pick-up, we guarantee emergency servicing of your container within 48 hours.

Prompt/friendly customer service:
Our customers are our top priority. Ask and we deliver.

Cleaner process: Our state-of-the-art trucks provide a much cleaner method of extracting oil: there is NO LIFTING of your container. Our technique keeps your container clean and avoids unsightly spills. Our trucks are equipped with 50 foot pump hoses allowing easy access to tight spaces without moving the container.

High quality containers:
The type and size of the container will be based on your volume. All of our containers are manufactured from high gauge pressure tested materials. Sizes include: 400 gallon, 300 gallon, 200 gallon, 150 gallon, 100 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

Viesel Fuel Servicio de Reciclaje De Aceite de Cocinar Usado 
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We encourage you to contact us today to discuss the purchase of your used vegetable oil or used cooking oil.

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Issachar Peña, Logistics Specialist

‘The Biodiesel at the Viesel Fuel refinery is fully compliant with all ASTM International D6751 standards and specifications for biodiesel.

Viesel Fuel is QAP Q Certified. Viesel Fuel is also on a path for having an approved BQ9000 quality assurance program.’