Top Five Reasons Why Smart Customers Are Using Viesel Biodiesel

#1 – It’s here and now
• Biodiesel is America’s first domestically produced, commercially available Advanced Biofuel and meets EPA requirements

#2 – Biodiesel Is Cleaner
• U.S. biodiesel reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by over 50 percent compared to petro diesel

#3 – Sustainability
• Not sacrificing food for fuel
• Biodiesel is produced from a variety of renewable resources and by‐products of producing food for humans and animals
• From the soybeans used to produce biodiesel, 81% of the soybean’s yield is protein that enters the market for either human consumption or animal feed.

#4 – Energy Security & Economy
• Reduces our dependence on foreign oil
• Expands and diversifies our domestic refinery capacity
• Most economical option for turning oils and fats into usable fuel diesel applications
• Creates added outlets for farm‐based products
• Creates U.S. manufacturing jobs

#5 – Ease of Use and Performance
Using Biodiesel Blends is Easy!
• Drop‐in replacement for diesel fuel
• No vehicle modifications needed
• Similar, seamless performance compared to diesel
• Dispensed through existing fueling stations
• 30‐40 percent fuel efficiency gains with diesel engine