“Viesel Fuel Biodiesel Enzyme Technology is Changing the World”

What is Viesel Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is America’s first Advanced Biofuel. It is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that is reducing U.S. dependence on imported diesel, creating green jobs and improving our environment. It is made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources including agricultural oils, recycled cooking oil and animal fats and meets the strict specifications of ASTM D6751

Biodiesel is a legally registered fuel and fuel additive with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Biodiesel fuel has chemical properties that are very similar to conventional diesel fuel, and does not require any engine modifications or new equipment to enable its use as a blend stock or substitute for conventional diesel.

Biodiesel, made from recycled cooking oil, agricultural oils and animal fats, is the first and only EPA-designated advanced biofuel to be produced on a commercial scale nationwide.

Unlike conventional diesel fuel, biodiesel is a 100% renewable fuel, and significantly reduces levels of harmful pollutants and global warming gases.

Top Five Reasons Why Smart Customers Are Using Viesel Biodiesel

#1 – It’s here and now • Biodiesel is America’s first domestically produced, commercially available Advanced Biofuel and meets EPA requirements

#2 – Biodiesel Is Cleaner • U.S. biodiesel reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by over 50 percent compared to petro diesel

#3 – Sustainability • Not sacrificing food for fuel • Biodiesel is produced from a variety of renewable resources and by‐products of producing food for humans and animals • From the soybeans used to produce biodiesel, 81% of the soybean’s yield is protein that enters the market for either human consumption or animal feed.

#4 – Energy Security & Economy • Reduces our dependence on foreign oil • Expands and diversifies our domestic refinery capacity • Most economical option for turning oils and fats into usable fuel diesel applications • Creates added outlets for farm‐based products • Creates U.S. manufacturing jobs

#5 – Ease of Use and Performance Using Biodiesel Blends is Easy! • Drop‐in replacement for diesel fuel • No vehicle modifications needed • Similar, seamless performance compared to diesel • Dispensed through existing fueling stations • 30‐40 percent fuel efficiency gains with diesel engine