Creating Biodiesel Gas

Made in America

To ASTM specification D6751

The Viesel Fuel Enzyme Technology

Is Changing the World of Biodiesel

100% renewable

Non toxic, non hazardous and biodegradable

Outstanding performance

Higher cetane, greater lubricity and less pollutants

Viesel powers the engines

That drive the economy


Company Overview


Biodiesel fuel has chemical properties that are very similar to conventional diesel fuel, and does not require any engine modifications or new equipment to enable its use as a blend stock or substitute for conventional diesel.

The Process

Viesel Fuel in collaboration with Novozymes and Tactical Fabrication has developed a biodiesel production using enzymes

Become a Vendor

We service all types of food establishments including: Chain restaurants (KFC, Mulligans, FAU, IRCC, American Airlines Arena etc.)

Company Overview

D6751 Viesel Biodiesel

Renewable Lubricants

The Enzymatic Process